Trusted curators of a distinctive and impeccable life.

Trusted curators of a
distinctive and impeccable life.

At Home

With our meticulous and intuitive management of your personal household and lifestyle needs, no request is too big, no detail too small.


We apply our meticulous planning and refined expertise to fulfil your every luxury travel need and desire.


Through our pristine attention to detail, our service ensures your new house feels immediately like home, with every individual comfort indulged.

Anything is Possible

Townhouse aim to forever surpass expectations and ensure our clients enjoy the most exceptional and unparalleled lives.

The Company

Born in London in 2013, an international city of world-class service and a passionate centre of culture and distinction, Townhouse is a close-knit team of individuals who have luxury ingrained within their DNA.


We are busy assisting a family’s smooth relocation from LA to London for the filming of an upcoming motion picture at Pinewood Studios. Of course, we are going to meticulous lengths to prepare their private Notting Hill home for their arrival: belongings unpacked; wine cellar stocked; school uniforms acquired, and the softest, sustainable bed linens in place.

We are in the midst of procuring an elegant private villa in the South of France for a Middle Eastern client and their family, ensuring no attention to detail is spared in making the trip a truly unforgettable one. We have secured private flights, sought out the area’s best Pilates instructor, enlisted the service of an Italian chef-in-residence, and are currently helping to coordinate a magical beachside celebration for the couple’s anniversary.