Trusted curators of a distinctive and impeccable life.


Our Swiss founder Jane Caujolle’s expertise stems from her schooling at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, and subsequent training under Gordon Ramsay. A further six years spent managing a private client’s international residences, and their refined lifestyle, saw her cultivate a much-coveted global network of exquisite service-providers. And a belief in rendering the impossible, possible. She established Townhouse in 2013, with the aim of expanding upon the distinguished service and exemplary quality with which she had become synonymous.

In 2016, she was joined by fellow Lausanne graduate Hana Gilchrist, who trained at a number of 5* hotels in New York, before honing her impeccable service knowledge at luxury London hotels including The Lanesborough and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Strengthened by Hana’s singularly sharp focus on guest services and exacting organisational skills, Townhouse has continued to grow alongside our clients. Our expanding international team of account directors, account managers and assistants boasts a wealth of experience at some of the world’s most iconic hotels and established private households. Together, we now manage every aspect of our clients’ rarefied lifestyles – a testament to the trusting, close relationships we have with each, and each other.

The Company

Born in London in 2013, an international city of world-class service and a passionate centre of culture and distinction, Townhouse is a close-knit team of individuals who have luxury ingrained within their DNA. Operating in English, French, Spanish, German and Filipino, we are united by our founding principles of integrity, trust and an unmatched work ethic, each providing a signature level of perfection and simple elegance across everything we do. Together with our global network of esteemed partners, we are ceaselessly dedicated to offering our clients the most exceptional lives.

Providing an entirely intuitive and extraordinary service
which caters to our clients' every exacting need.

The Service

Townhouse is a proudly independent company, founded on total privacy, flawless care, and the enduring bonds we forge with each of our clients. We are trusted advisors, connectors, curators and confidantes, woven seamlessly and imperatively into our clients’ lives to offer a singular luxury lifestyle service, precisely tailored to their every exacting need.

Our Partners

We are passionately committed to creating an effortless and exceptionally enjoyable lifestyle for each of our clients, at home and abroad, through close collaboration with our trusted network of scrupulously selected partners, brands and service-providers. Where possible, we aim to partner with local artisans and craftspeople, supporting boutique independent brands who reflect our own story, and share our unwavering dedication to excellence.